About us

RF COM Sistems is a private company with 100% national capital, headquartered in São José dos Campos/SP.

Founded in 1994, RF COM started its operations providing equipment and training to rural telephony installers (fixed cell phones). In a short time, it started offering vehicle integrations for cellular drive test and technical support for drive test systems.

In 1999, the company opened a new business with Mobile Cellular Base Transceiver Stations (Mobile BTS/COW), becoming a leader in this market, supplying hundreds of trailers, semi-trailers and vans.

In 2001, the Mobile Broadcast Units were introduced, with the most varied solutions for different applications.

With the great growth of operations and the expansion of the market, in 2002 RF COM moved to a new facilities at Limoeiro neighborhood, also in São José dos Campos.

Still in the Broadcast market, in 2004 RF COM started to manufacture the first Mobile Studio with international quality.

2007 was the year in which RF COM started the projects and production of mobile units for military communication, with great expansion in 2013, when it entered into strategic projects like SISFRON, PROTEGER and ASTROS 2020, providing all the integration of mobile systems of the most complex systems of defense communication in Brazil.

In 2016, RF COM opened the door to special projects, such as radiological huts, validating the training and competence for project development and engineering solutions acquired over all these years of existence.