Defense & Security

RF COM is the leading company and reference in system integration in the Defense & Security market, being the company that most delivered and integrated military shelters in many different types of configuration, such as:

  • Tactical Communications
  • Anti-Aircraft Operation Center
  • Command and Control
  • Monitoring and Electronic Warfare.

We have been operating and developing in this defense market since 2002. We are manufacturers of S-788, S-280 shelter, ISO 20′ Tactical Container in aluminum and steel and other special dimensions to suit your project. RF COM products meet military requirements in shelter construction. The SISFRON Project was designed and developed based on the RF COM product “integrated shelter”.

The RF COM operationin the Defense & Security market is very important, developing systems for the main Strategic Projects of the Army, namely:

SISFRON – with more than 250 mobile units delivered and in operation;

PROTEGER– with more than 20 mobile units delivered and in operation;

Anti-Aircraft Defense – with 26 mobile units delivered and in operation;

Astros 2020 – with more than 10 units delivered and in operation;