São José dos Campos


RF COM is strategically located in São José dos Campos, an important technological hub for metallurgical and military industries. It has relevant research centers such as ITA (Aerospace Technological Institute), FATEC (Technological School), INPE (National Space Research Institute), DCTA (Department of Space Science and Technology), and IAE (Space and Aeronautical Institute) beside companies such as Petrobras, General Motors, Bayer, Philips, Panasonic, Ericsson, and other world giants.

Headquarters of the largest aerospace complex in Latin America and the only city in the world that brings together the research centers of the 3 largest aircraft manufacturers in the world: Embraer, Boeing and Airbus, São José dos Campos is in the 4th position of the best city in Brazil in the HDI index. (Human Development Index), according to the IDGM (Municipal Management Challenges Index).